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The distribution marketing network covers more than 30 provinces, cities, and areas in China. Besides domestic market, we have exported our products to many international markets including Europe, Asia, Africa ,Oceania, South America and North America.
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Variable Frequency Drive
  • S VFD VFD will continue running in light failure;
    Smoothly soft start with the start current of less than the rated current of the motor;
    VFD can work well with the new exciter or the ...
  • VS VFD Vector control for the speed-adjustment of synchronous motor;
    Start ability for starting the synchronous motor with load;
    The response time of dynamic torque: less ...
  • FVS VFD PWM rectifier technology. Energy can flow bi-directionally between power grid and the motor;
    Vector control for synchronous motor;
    Strong start up with load in ...
  • A VFD HARSVERT-A series VFD is a masterpiece of outstanding performance and high reliability, which is widely used for the energy-saving application of the normal motors of fans, pumps ...