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1. Motor energy saving analysis in cement plant
Conventional speed adjustment has several modes. They are thyristor cascade control, DC adjustment, electric magnet sliding differential speed control, hydraulic coupling control, pole-changing control. They have disadvantages of low driving efficiency, difficult maintenance. But variable frequency control is stable and reliable with high precision and wide adjustment range.

2. Vector control VFD application in high-temperature fan
At present, competition is very intense. The key is cost. Power consumption of motor accounts for 30% of cost. Motor driving fan is a big part. So it is very important to reduce consumption of motor. Today, phenomenon of "large horse drives small dolly" is serious. If technology of variable frequency is adopted, it not only satisfies production requirement but also saves energy.

3. Application of Harsvert VFD in Zibo Cement Plant
Energy-saving Calculation:
Yearly work time: 11 months, month work time: 28 days. Total work time is 7392 hours.
For line 1:
Save power=(790-661)+(774-681)+(2221-1777)+(348-247)=767kW
Yearly save power=767×7392h=5669600kWh

4. Application of Harsvert VFD on circulating fan
Tongli Cement Co., Ltd was established in 1995. It has two work lines with daily production 2500t and yearly production 2000000t. In 2006, Tongli cement plant purchased Harsvert-A06/150 to adjust speed. The drive has been running stably since it carried into operation on January in 2007 and energy-saving is considerable.

5. The application of VFD mated with the dust collecting fan in the Grinding Plant
Abstract : This article is mainly concerning production technology with respect to cement as well as the application of medium voltage variable frequency drive manufactured by Beijing Leader & Harvest Electric Technologies Co., Ltd. mated with the dust collecting fan in the Pingyin Grinding Plant of Jinan Shanshui Cement Factory. Also there elaborate economic analysis and other relevant innovations ...

6. Application of Medium Voltage VFD in cement plant
Dalian Xiaoyetian Cement Plant is a China-Japan joint-stock enterprise, established in 1989. Its daily production is 4000t and yearly production is 1370000t. In the plant, motor of cooling fan EP fan (electrical de-dust fan) is coiled rotor asynchronous motor. Original operation mode is full speed operation. Air flow is adjusted by inlet vane. Because power grid of plant is limited, motor is not allowed to start at full voltage.

7. Application of HARSVERT-A
Abstract: Variable frequency adjusting speed technology has been applying in every kind of industries. Shanshui Group Company has applied high voltage Variable Frequency Drive in cement industry from 2004. At present, the high voltage Variable Frequency Drive is working on kiln back exhaust fans, high temperature fans, kiln head coal mill fans, kiln head surplus fans, raw mill circulating fans and so on.

Variable Frequency Drive
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    Input power factor: >0.95(>20% load);
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