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1. Application of VFD In Power Plant
Frequency control is widely used in several fields for its superiority in energy-saving, adjustment precision, adjustment range and easy to communicate with automatic control system. This text is aiming to illustrate its broad prospects by introducing and concluding several success cases.

2. Medium voltage variable frequency drive application in Yunfu Power Plant
There are 4 sets of generators in power plant. Capacity of 1#, 2# units is 125MW. Capacity of 3#, 4# units is 135MW. Before reconstruction, 1# and 2# FD fans adopted damper adjusting, which caused much energy wasted.

3. MV VFD application in ID fan of Danhe Power Generation Co., Ltd.
The Harsvert-A Variable Frequency Drives are presented in the paper. The focus is on Series Connection Medium voltage Multi-level VFDs that are used in Danhe Generation Co.,Ltd. Variable Frequency Drives have a great of prospect in application because the drives can save a large mount of electric energy when they are used for fans.

4. Application of Medium-voltage VFD on condenser pump
This article focuses on the application of China-made cell-cascade multi-level medium-voltage frequency drive system in the Zhangshan Power Company on 2 # Unit Condensate water system, makes a comparison of energy saving before and after the reform. The results showed that the main auxiliary ...

5. Prospective development and application of MV VFD
Power generation plant is manufacturer of power as well as consumer of power. In structures of Chinese power generation plants, thermal power plants account for 70%. For general coal-fired generator units, plant itself consumes 4%~7% of its generating power and auxiliary equipments, such as big capacity fans and pumps, account for 80% ...

6. Medium voltage VFD application on ID fan of 300MW in coal-fired power plant
Abstract: this paper introduces Variable Frequency Drive principle and its commissioning at site, analyses energy saving effect and gives reference to understand Variable Frequency DriveD operation.
Keywords: ID fan, medium voltage variable frequency drive (Variable Frequency Drive), control

7. Application of VFD in 300MW generator unit of thermal power plant
Abstract: with increasing fields of Variable Frequency Drive application, it also applies in axial-flow static blade ID fan of 300MW units. In variable frequency control, air flow adjustment has been improved greatly. This paper introduced ID fan rescontruction of Yangguang Power Plant ...

8. Energy saving reform with VFD on condenser pump
ACondesing pump runs in constant speed. After being boosted pressure by pump, condensing water passes through axes and governing valve (inlet gate of deaerator, serial No C-1), then enters into deaerator. Condensing flow is controlled by governing valve opening to maintain stability of water level of deaerator. In addition, condensing water is also supplied to other auxiliary ...

9. The application comparison of two kinds of Medium voltage inverter
Abstract: Through analyzing the application, economic profit and security of two kinds of Medium voltage Variable Frequency Drive, this article compares their application effect in power plant.
Key words: Medium voltage Variable Frequency Drive application comparison ...

10. Medium voltage VFD application in Xigu Power Plant
Abstract: VFD reconstruction of Xigu Power Plant promoted heightening of economy benefit. Variable Frequency Drive won acceptance of user as its high reliability, flexible adjustment and simple operation.
Key words: circulating water system, medium voltage Variable Frequency Drive, energy saving ...

11. Medium voltage variable frequency tehcnology application in 4# fan of Jinxi Oil Industry Company
Abstract: this article states energy saving reconstruction on ID fan and FD fan of 4# boiler in China Petrolum Jinxi Oil Industry Company, introduces reconstruction purpose, sheme, implementation and principle. It analyses reconstruction effect, espically the economy effect, illustrates meaning of reconstructon. Variable frequency adjustment is an effective way ...

12. Medium voltage VFD reconstruction case in thermal
Hegang Thermal Power Plant locates in coal city---Hegang city, Heilongjiang province, belongs to mining bureau. The plant has four machines and six boilers, including two 50MW generators and two 25MW generators, four 75t boilers and two 220t boilers. Where 5# and 6# boiler are 220t. At present, 7# boiler (220t) is building.

13. Application of Medium-voltage VFD in Thermal Power Plant
Abstract:this paper makes a comparison between the Variable Frequency Drive and hydraulic coupling by introducing the methods and principles of VFD, analyses the situation of fans and pumps in term of energy saving. We think the Variable Frequency Drive control program is matured, its energy saving is obvious. Variable Frequency Drive will be widely used in various power plants ...

14. Variable frequency reform of water feeding system in Yangpu Power Plant
11# gas turbine (Siemens V94.2) of Yangpu Power Plant finished reconstruction of oil changing gas and put into service in September, 2003. Its union circulating reconstruction put into service in January, 2004. #11-13 union circulating machine is the biggest gas union circulating machine in China now. The most output can reach to 220MW.

15. Variable frequency drive application in condenser pump
Abstract: this paper introduced 11# unit condenser pump reform with Variable Frequency Drive, states its considerable energy-saving and reliable effect.
Key words: power generation plant condenser pump Variable Frequency Drive energy saving ...

16. VFD application in deslagging system
There are 2 sets of 300MW units and 4 sets of 600MW units in the power plant. Total capacity is 6000MW. 300MW unit is equipped with 1025t/h boiler. In 2000, dry deslagging system is changed into water power deslagging system. AC motor variable frequency is a new developing technology.

17. Medium voltage VFD application on 100MW mill fan
In Shanxi Hepo Power Generating Co., Ltd, 100MW mill fan adjusts air flow by inlet damper. In order to reduce tertiary air, inlet of pipeline takes measures of necking down (Ф1200 reducing toФ800) and adding small damper. This way wastes lots of power. In order to lower energy consumption, engineers thought it was feasible to make reconstruction with VFD ...

18. Medium voltage VFD application in circulating flow bed of power generating plant
4# boiler (75t) of coal gangue plant of Shanghai Datun Resource Company is circulating flow bed boiler. Technics of boiler is following: burning is low temperature burning. Fuel is delivered to boiler chamber by coal feed system. Primary air entrances to fire box from air distributor bottom, ensuring material fluidization. Secondary air entrances along height class, increasing oxygen to ensure full burning. Materials of fire box vibrate intensively ...

19. MV VFD application in 300MW turbine generator
Variable frequency drive can make equipment in best operation and heighten efficiency, achieving energy saving. Variable frequency technology has been widely used in pump and fan. At present, MV Variable Frequency Drive is also developing. We made reconstruction for 2X300MW generator with MV VFD and got considerable economic benefit and much experience.

20. MV VFD application in Huayingshan Power Plant
In 1950s~1970s, for auxiliary equipments such as FD fan, ID fan and pump, their output power can not vary with load varying. In 1980s, variable frequency technology has widely used in power generation, steel, water, cements. For old power plant, itself power consumption accouts for 10% of total generation power. FD fan accounts for 10% of this consumption.

21. MV VFD application in condenser pump of Luanhe Power Plant
Abstract: this paper introduced Variable Frequency Drive principal and operation characteristics, compared and analysed energy saving effect through test.
Keywords: MV VFD, condenser pump, variable frequency speed adjusting, energy saving ...

22. MV VFD application in condenser pump of 600MW machinery
Abstract: Yangzhou Second Power Generation Co.Ltd. is the biggest thermal power plant in Jiangsu province. In order to reduce power consumption, we decide to use MV Variable Frequency Drive to control auxiliary equipments such as condenser pump, desulfurizing fan. Energy saving is obvious and equipments run stably ...

23. The VFD application in Jinxi Petrol Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
There are three sets of 75t boiler(1#,2#,3#) and three sets of 220t boiler(4#,5#,6#) in the thermal power corporation of Jinxi Petrol Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. All boilers are equipped with ID fan, FD fan, SA fan. Motors are designed according to the maximum load. However, usually the boilers are not fully-loaded, but just about 2/3 ...

24. The VFD application in Dalian Developing Zone Thermal Power Plant
There are three sets of 220t/h boilers equipped with four medium voltage water supply pumps. Pumps' inlet fetches water from the public pipe of deaerator, and the outlet water flows into the same pipe. The supply water is adjusted by the governing valve. Some water might flow back deaerator by opening the recycling valve if there is much deviation of water supply ...

25. The feasibility study of medium voltage converter application in water feeding system
The 100MW unit of Beijing Jingfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd boiler feed water system mainly consists of three 6kV/1600kW water feed pumps and high-low adjusting valve, high-pressure heaters and other equipments. The system configuration is shown as below. Water pump transfers water of deaerator finally into boil-bag by high-pressure heater. Usually, the system adjusts the opening of gate according to load, achieving the purpose of water level stability.

26. Application of VFD on condensing pump in 300MW generator units
The condensing water mainly keeps the stability of deaerator water level by adjusting inlet gate, supplies mechanical seal cooling water to pump, low pressure axletree of steam turbine and other auxiliary equipments, also to other low pressure bypass, spray cylinder, the cold water tank inside ...

27. Medium voltage variable frequency energy saving analysis in Datang International Power Generating Co., Ltd
The company has been researching related material of medium voltage variable frequency since 1999 and pays close attention to medium voltage VFD which has put into service. For further understanding, VFD research team researched and analyzed the operation, benefit, technology of Variable Frequency Drive and made detailed economic estimation in 2002 ...

28. VFD coordination control technology in ID fan system
A 100MW machinery unit is 380t/h coal powder furnace. The ID fan system is driven by two motors 6kV/800kW. In order to save energy, improve ID fan efficiency, reduce damper adjstment loss, user decides to choose stable and reliable VFD reconstruction ...

29. HARSVERT-A VFD saves energy for Hanfeng Power Plant
Hanfeng Power Plant locates in Handan city of Heibei province with area 735400m2. Planning capacity is 2400MW. Phase I project built two sets of 660MW coal-burning generator which is the biggest capacity in North-China. They put into service in 2001. Steam turbine and electrical control system are Siemens. Auxiliary equipments are two sets of full capacity condensing pump ...

30. Application of HARSVERT-A model Medium Voltage VFD in 600MW ultra-supercritical condenser pump
Ultra-supercritical coal-burning power generator unit has advantages like low coal consumption, high technology, better environmental performance and resource-saving feature. This article focus on the boosting energy efficiency of 600MW ultra-supercritical condenser pump of Huaneng Yingkou Power Plant by HARSVERT-A multi level medium voltage VFD ...

31. Variable Frequency Control Technology on ID Fan in 300MW Generator Unit
Variable frequency speed adjusting devices can optimize the motor operation state, improve the motor efficiency and realize the energy saving purpose. With the rapid development of the electronic devices and control technology in recent years, the price goes down. The reliability has been enhanced and the capacity has not been limited because of modularization design ...

32. Medium voltage VFD application in Liaocheng Thermal Power Plant
Liaocheng Thermal Power Plant locates in Liaocheng city which is a recent emerging industry city in westen of Shandong province. The plant has 8 machines with capacity of 1280MW. In order to abide by state policy of energy saving and emission reduction, plant planned to make reconstruction with Variable Frequency Drive for condensing pumps of two 300MW machines.

33. Medium voltage VFD application in ID fan of power plant
Technology of medium voltage variable frequency speed adjustment is a new type driving technology which emerged in 1990s. It is mainly used for AC motor speed adjustment. Its technology and performance are superior to any other speed adjustment mode (such as voltage drop adjustment, pole-changing control, slip difference control, cascaded control and hydraulic coupling).

34. Application of Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives in Fans in Thermal Power Plants
The 2# generator (125 MW) of Douhe Power Plant of Datang Group operates generally with the load of 70-80%. The flux of two induced draft fans is adjusted by inlet guide vanes. To ensure safe and stable operation of the motor driving the fans, the rated power of the motors is larger than the normal condition.

35. Application of VFD in Condenser Pumps in Thermal Power Plant
Established in 1988, Zhangjiakou Thermal Power Plant of Beijing Datang Power Generation Group Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangjiakou, Hebei. At present, it has 8 generators, and each has capacity of 300MW, altogether is 2400 MW. It is the largest thermal power plant in the north of China. In 2002, Beijing Datang Power Generation Group Co., Ltd.

36. Application of VFD in Cycling Pumps in Thermal Power Plant
The total installed capacity of Shanxi Yangguang Power Generation Co., Ltd is 4×300MW. Each generator unit is provided with two cycling pumps. And the outlet valves of the pumps uses butterfly valves, which have two positions only, full open and full close. The flow of cooling water is adjusted through the number of operating pumps.

Variable Frequency Drive
  • A VFD HARSVERT-A series VFD is a masterpiece of outstanding performance and high reliability, which is widely used for the energy-saving application of the normal motors of fans, pumps ...
  • VA VFD Input current harmonic: <3% (comply with standard IEEE519);
    Input power factor: >0.95(>20% load);
    Output current harmonic: <2.5%; output DC ...
  • VS VFD Vector control for the speed-adjustment of synchronous motor;
    Start ability for starting the synchronous motor with load;
    The response time of dynamic torque: less ...
  • FVS VFD PWM rectifier technology. Energy can flow bi-directionally between power grid and the motor;
    Vector control for synchronous motor;
    Strong start up with load in ...