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1. Application of Variable Frequency Drive in #4 Duster Fan in Steel Plant
The steel works of Fujian Shangang Mingguang Co., Ltd. has three 15ton oxygen topblowing converters. During converting, a large quantity of brown-red smoke may exhaust from their mouthes. The high temperature smoke, which contains combustible gas and metal particles, must be cooled and cleaned, and then exhausted to chimneys for spreading or conveyed ...

2. Medium voltage Variable Frequency Drive system design in coal gas blast blower of coke oven
Tiantie Mental Refining Group Coking Plant has 2 sets of 58 model coking furnace, 1 set of JN43-80 coking furnace and related spare coal and gas as well as completed production system including purifying, chemical material collecting and sewage treatment system. The plant produces carbon coke 1120000t, coking coal gas 500 million m3 ...

3. Application of Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive in Henan Jiyuan Steel Company
Motor application is very widely in all industries. It is main power in enterprise and drives equipment, such as fan, milling and pump in metallurgy, oil, power and mining. Power consumption of medium voltage motor is enormous, accounting for 65~75%. In term of energy saving for motor, technology of variable frequency is the best way for speed adjustment, start-up and stop ...

4. Medium voltage Variable Frequency Drive application in dusting fan of Hangzhou Steel Plant
There are 2 sets of 600t metal mix in Hangzhou Steel&Iron Group, as well as a tipping and a station of big bag to small bag. Each metal mix has a slag tap and tap hole. Tipping is corresponding to slag tap. When metal mix inputs or outputs iron, high temperature liquid iron reacts with air violently and the reaction creates lots of gas. It is not healthy for workers ...

5. Medium voltage Variable Frequency Drive application in Pangang Alum Extracting Plant
In recent years, Pangang Alum Extracting Steel Refining Plant built 2 sets of converters and dusting systems. It has a high requirement for fan operation. So we adopt technology of high voltage variable frequency drive, including Leader & Harvest, Rockwell, Robicon, Dongfan Electric and Alstom. Variable Frequency Drives are HARSVERT-A(4 sets) ...

6. Medium voltage Variable Frequency Drive application in upper blown converter
Second department of Fushun Xinfugang Steel Refining Company has three sets of 15t oxygen upper blown converter (capacity is expanded to 20t now). In 2001, its yearly production is 710000t.
Because the converters discontinue to blow oxygen periodically, they require fan to run in variable speed in whole refining period in order to meet requirements of energy saving and environmental protection. Original speed adjustment mode is hydraulic coupling.

7. Medium voltage Variable Frequency Drive application in dusting fan of metal mixter
There is 1# and 2# metal mixer in Handan Steel&Iron Group. Every mental mixer has a slag tap and a tap hole. During adding iron or iron output, melting iron reacts with air intensively, creating much flue gas. It is harmful to workers and also pollutes environment. In order to improve environment and lower pollution, dusting system is necessary.

8. Introduction of medium voltage Variable Frequency Drive application in metallurgy
Producing equipment of steel plant can be divided into non speed adjustment and speed adjustment. All equipments which need speed adjustment can use high voltage Variable Frequency Drive.
They are divided into type of production technics need and type of energy saving need.

9. Application of Medium-voltage Variable Frequency Drive in Dusting Fans for the Electric Furnaces of the Forth Steel Making Plant of Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd.
There are two electric furnaces 7# and 8# in the Forth Steel Making Plant of Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd.. Each electric furnace is equipped with a dusting fan (the power of the motor is 1,600kW). Six levels of air-flow are needed for adapting to the technology requirement of steel making with electric furnace. In order to improve the operating efficiency of the fans ...

10. High voltage Variable Frequency Drive application in dusting system of arc furnace
Steel plant is regarded as enterprise with most soot discharging, most draff and most serious pollution as its dense resource, dense energy consumption, large production and big throughput. Arc furnace is main source of soot pollution.
Arc furnace makes waste steel, iron alloy and some slags smelt together. According to different steel type ...

11. Variable Frequency Drive application in dusting fan of Agang Steel Refining Plant
Agang Steel Plant is subsidiary company of Xilin Steel&Iron Group, locating in Acheng city 22km away southeast to Haerbin. Its main product is steel using in light rail and mining. XY30 type steel which is high performance with super low temperature has put into use for Qinghai-Tibet line as key product promoted by railway bureau.

12. Variable Frequency Drive application in continuous casting misting cooling water system
In water treatment station of the plant, continuous casting misting cooling water pumps supply industry water to continuous casting machine. Original design flow is 400 m3/h, pressure is 1.4Mpa. But max flow demand of continuous casting is 370m3/h. Pressure is 1.3Mpa. In direct on line state, the pressure of pump group is too high and adverse to continuous casting production.

13. Application of Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive in Production of Blast Furnace
The 750m3 blast furnace of the Iron-smelting Works of Chongqing Steel-Making Group is a new constructed blast furnace (new blast furnace). Due to a great quantity of red-brown smoke discharged from the furnace mouth during iron tapping of the old blast furnace, causing environment contamination; On other hand, the old motor operated with industry frequency and an air flow was regulated through adjusting the ...

14. Application of Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive in Gasworks of Kaiman Aluminum (SANMENXIA) Co., Ltd
Basically, primary and secondary high voltage static electricity is applied to remove tar and dust in the technological process. It is not allowed to use water to wash and cool the gas directly. Then, depending on circulating water, and indirect cooling, waste water can be greatly reduced and thus alleviate pollution to the environment.

Variable Frequency Drive
  • VA VFD Input current harmonic: <3% (comply with standard IEEE519);
    Input power factor: >0.95(>20% load);
    Output current harmonic: <2.5%; output DC ...
  • S VFD VFD will continue running in light failure;
    Smoothly soft start with the start current of less than the rated current of the motor;
    VFD can work well with the new exciter or the ...
  • FVS VFD PWM rectifier technology. Energy can flow bi-directionally between power grid and the motor;
    Vector control for synchronous motor;
    Strong start up with load in ...
  • FVA VFD Auto re-start after the recovery of main medium voltage;
    Fly-start at any rotating speed;
    Bypass the faulty power cell automatically( OPTIONAL FUNCTION) ...