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Medium voltage VFD application in booster pump station

I.Project induction
This is a new project with daily 160000t water output. Pump station is 1.2km away from intake of reservoir and 22km away from water plant. Transfer pipe is DN1200MM. Natural delivery ability is 100000t/d by advantage of topographic height difference and water level of reservoir. When delivery water is over 100000t/d, booster pump is needed. The booster pump is 10KV/355KW, rated lift is 13m, rated flow is 7200t/h, start mode is liquid resistance voltage reducing. Two pumps, one works and one is spare.
Pump station put into preparation in June, 2002. Actual delivery water is 100000~120000t/d. Flow was adjusted only by valve opening to ensure balance. In this way, it is not easy to control and it also wastes energy. According to forecast, water demand is not yet to 160000t/d in next 2 or 3 years. Thereby, in order to utilize energy reasonably, we consider to equip variable frequency drive. We reformed the project in September, 2002. After inspection and survey, we select HARSVERT-A10/30 VFD.

II. Scheme
1. One drive two manual mode, variable frequency/liquid resistance start-up.
2. Local control and upper PC control.
3. Open loop control in early term. Close loop control after reaching production requirement.

III. Installation and preparation
Installation began in early October, 2002 and VFD put into preparation in end of October, 2002. It has been running stably for 5 months. Whole system is safe, reliable. Monitor system is completed, easy and flexible.

IV. Benefit evaluation
Before using VFD, delivery water is 100000~130000t/d. Average power consumption is 0.05kW•h/t. After using VFD, delivery water is 100000~130000t/d. Average power consumption is 0.03~0.32kW•h/t. According to forecast of water delivery, daily water delivery is 130000~150000t/d in next 2 years. In light of above comparison and forecast, as per 0.18kW.h/t and 0.12kW.h/t, we infer 1490000kW.h can be saved in 2 years. Power price is 0.6yuan/kW.h, namely 894000yuan(USD 131470) can be saved. VFD also improves reliability and safety of system, and makes perfect for the enterprise.

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