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1. Medium voltage VFD application in booster pump station
This is a new project with daily 160000t water output. Pump station is 1.2km away from intake of reservoir and 22km away from water plant. Transfer pipe is DN1200MM. Natural delivery ability is 100000t/d by advantage of topographic height difference and water level of reservoir. When delivery water is over 100000t/d, booster pump is needed.

2. Variable frequency drive design, operation in water purifying plant
Water plants began to use Variable Frequency Drive in 1984, such as Shengyang Water Plant, Haerbin Water Plant, Anshan Water Plant. Haerbin Water Plant uses ELEN drive made in Austria. Anshan Water Plant uses Siemens drive made in German. Jilin Second Water Plant and Third Plant use Leader & Harvest drive. We have introduced much information for Siemens drive before.

3. Medium voltage VFD application in Huludao Pingshan Waterworks
Huludao is serious short in water. Pingshan Water Plant is lifeblood of this city. Water-lack makes water adjustment very important. There are 4 sets of 10KV/710KW pumps with rated flow 1800m3/h and lift 120m. Pingshan Water Plant is 60km away from Huludao city and there are several hillsides of 100m on the way. So pipe pressure has reached to 0.9Mpa.

4. Medium voltage VFD application in Cangnan Water Plant and its energy saving analysis
Cangnan Water Plant was set up in 1998. It provides water to 600000 population with daily output 100000t. There are 7 pumps, 10kV/250kW×2,380kV/160kW×2,380kV/90kW×2,380kV/55kW×1. Pumps work in direct on line. But actual water demand is 60000~70000t/day. Flow is adjusted by valve opening and frequent start/stop of pumps. In this way, it is difficult to control and it also wastes energy. According to forecast, water demand will not reach to 100000t/day.

5. Medium voltage VFD application in Jilin Waterworks
Abstract: expansion of the third water plant of Jilin Waterworks is prepared for 10 years work in future. Capacity of water supply must has a big redundancy. Technology of medium voltage variable frequency can satisfy frequent changes and adjustments of water in next 10 years, keeping unity of economy and practicability.

6. Optimize VFD operation Create energy saving pump station
hiyuan Water Plant plays an important role in delivering water for west area. Daily water delivery is 400000t. Its III phase project has 10 pumps. They are 550kW×3, 560kW×1, 400kW×1, 380kW×2, 355kW×2, 220kW×1. At present, variable frequency technology has been used widely in many fields. Most waterworks adopt variable frequency drive on motor. Its advantage is to heighten production safety and save energy.

7. Application of Medium Voltage VFD in Hainan Danzhou Water Plant
Danzhou city is situated in northwest of Hainan province and faces to the North Bay. It is the largest in population and area in Hainan province. And it features a tropical monsoon climate, which annual average rainfall is 1,915mm, annual average temperature is 23℃, highest temperature in a year is 38℃, the lowest temperature in a year is 6℃ and relative humidity is more than 98%.

8. Application of Domestic Medium-voltage Inverters in Water Plants
Along with the development of power electronic technology and power inverter component technology, medium voltage high power Variable Frequency Drive technology has been developed rapidly in the country and abroad. Especially along with the technology breakthrough in capacity and speed of intelligent chips, the intelligent automatic control technology has stepped on a new stage.

9. Application of Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives to Water-supply Pumps in Water Supply Systems
There are three water-supply pump sets designed for Shishi Water Supply Co., Ltd. During the first period, two water-supply pump sets (#2 and #3) operate with industry frequency (technical reform is performed for the water-supply pump set #1). The power of the water-supply pump set #2 is 200kW/10kV and the normal flow is 4200 m3/h.

10. Study and Application of VFD in Water Pumps
An annual electricity cost for Water Supply Company of Daqing Petroleum Administration takes about 30% of the total cost of water supply and the electricity cost for water transmission and distribution takes about 70% of that. Therefore, adjusting the daily operation of the water pump to make the electricity consumption for each ton of water kept in a more economic ...

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