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New plant put into service. The expanded plant is on westen of old one with total area of 11400 m2, including an assemble factory, a warehouse and two dormitory buildings.
Variable frequency drive sales order broke through 3000 sets.

Leader&Harvest took part in the 10 th founding anniversary celebration of the world of inverters magazine. In forum, Leader&Harvest was authorized" top 10 brand of inverter in China" and "prize of outstanding contribution in power field" by organization committee.
5600kW/10kV vector control drive produced by Leader&Harvest was awarded "innovation product prize" by China Industry Control Net.
Leader&Harvest was voted "2008 top 10 enterprise" in China Automation Industry Century Activities hosted by China Automation Institute.
Leader&Harvest was voted "2007 excellent member company" by China Electrical Association and was listed in " high voltage variable frequency drive brand catalogue in 2007" as the first brand.
Leader&Harvest was awarded "the most satisfying brand in domestic variable frequency drive of the year" in activity of "second electrical energy saving game" hosted by electrical times publishing house.
Leader&Harvest held symposium of " 10 th founding anniversary celebration & 2000 sets sales order".
Leader&Harvest took part in "the fifth electrical industry summit&the ninth electrical industry top 100 awarding ceremony" hosted by electrical times. In this forum, Leader&Harvest was awarded " 2008 top 10 innovation in electrical field".
Leader&Harvest was authorized certificate of ISO9001, ISO14001 and Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Leader&Harvest was awarded "2006 the most influential brand in automation industry" as its good quality and service. This is the third time for the company to get this glory.
Leader&Harvest was awarded " top 100 faithful enterprises" in "government officials and enterprisers summit&spring festival club".
Leader&Harvest product was authorized "Beijing first batch independent innovation product" and got certificate of "Beijing independent innovation product". After being authorized, the product can be listed in government purchase catalogue and got priority support.
Leader&Harvest was voted " 2006 top 10 brand in industry control field" as its stable performance, all-round service and 30% market share for continuous 4 years.
Leader&Harvest was awarded "advanced member of Beijing patent model area" as its emphasis on continuous independent innovation and development.
Variable frequency drive branch of China Electrical Association was set up inTianjin. In the meeting, Leader&Harvest was voted the first standing member and Yi Peng, vice-chairman of company, was voted the first deputy president.
Leader&Harvest was ranked top 100 innovation enterprise.
Leader&Harvest was awarded "2006 top 10 the most influential national brand".
Leader&Harvest was ranked "A class enterprise tax credit".
Leader&Harvest was appraised as " 2006 variable frequency drive top 10 brand".
Leader&Harvest was appraised as "year outstanding contribution prize of energy saving enterprise".
Leader&Harvest held news conference of sales orders breaking through 1000 sets.
Leader&Harvest was ranked " advanced member of Beijing Union of Industry and commerce".
Leader&Harvest product was awarded "China Top Brand" by State Quality Supervision Inspection Quarantine Bureau.
In the fourth China electrical industry summit hosted by Electrical Times, Leader&Harvest was the only domestic company that is appraised as "top 10 innovation brand in China electrical industry".
Leader&Harvest was awarded "top 10 the most satisfying domestic brand of inverter" as its good product and all-round service.
Leader&Harvest was listed in " 2007 year good credit enterprise".
External publication Variable Frequency Express was appraised as Excellence Prize of Beijing Union of Industry and Commerce External Publication. This was the second time to get this prize from last year.
Leader&Harvest was appraised as "2006 the first in the most satisifying domestic inverter brand".
Set up Chino-Harvest Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd which aims to research wind power converter.
The first variable frequency drive of vector control started to run successfully.
Leader&Harvest designed variable frequency drive on synchronous motor successfully, namely Harsvert-S series drive.
New manufacturer base that was the largest and equipped the most advanced devices and instruments in China put into service.
Leader&Harvest was ranked ZC2 class credit enterprise by Zhongguancun Science&Technology Park Committee.
Leader&Harvest was awarded certificate of " Beijing torch plan project".
Sales orders broke through 100 sets.
Leader&Harvest set up more than twenty offices in key cities across the country, constructing nationwide market network.
Leader&Harvest held 3 technology exchange meetings. They are in Fuzhou Chengmen Water Plant, Huludao Pingshan Water Plant and Zhengzhou Water Plant.
Leader&Harvest held technology discussion meeting in Nanjing.
Leader&Harvest got ISO9001 certificate.
Sample drive finished commissioning successfully.
Leader&Harvest got the first drive order.
Leader&Harvest product was inspected by China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Electrical Control and LV Distribution Equipment and authorized the report.
Leader&Harvest decided to research and develop high voltage variable frequency drive.
Leader&Harvest Electric Technologies Co., Ltd was set up in August.

Variable Frequency Drive
  • A VFD HARSVERT-A series VFD is a masterpiece of outstanding performance and high reliability, which is widely used for the energy-saving application of the normal motors of fans, pumps ...
  • VA VFD Input current harmonic: <3% (comply with standard IEEE519);
    Input power factor: >0.95(>20% load);
    Output current harmonic: <2.5%; output DC ...
  • FVS VFD PWM rectifier technology. Energy can flow bi-directionally between power grid and the motor;
    Vector control for synchronous motor;
    Strong start up with load in ...
  • FVA VFD Auto re-start after the recovery of main medium voltage;
    Fly-start at any rotating speed;
    Bypass the faulty power cell automatically( OPTIONAL FUNCTION) ...