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The factory locates in Yangfang Industry Zone, a part of Zhongguancun Science&Technology Park, with convenient transportation. There are about 300 workers and 60% employees are college degree. Company attaches importance to training, which is base of "quality assurance, dispatch in time".

Manufacturer includes producing factory and assemble factory. Manufacturer is composed of purchase department, manufacture plan department, quality management department, technology process department, welding workshop, power cell workshop, assemble workshop, commissioning workshop and so on.

There are more than 500 sets of producing equipments and detecting instruments including oven, varnish machine, semiautomatic plane soldering machine, air compressor, screw air compressor system, ultrasonic cleaner, automatic lead-free dual wave soldering machine, chip mounter, automatic lead-free reflow soldering machine, silk screen imprinter and so on.

Quality policy
-Good Quality, Company-wide Assurance, Keep Improving, Strive for Excellence

As a large energy saving drive, VFD usually applies in important site. Its stable and reliable performance is key to user. Leader&Harvest has been insisting on principle of "quality is first". The company implements quality assurance in terms of technique, design, manufacturer, management and supplier. Meanwhile, Leader&Harvest analyses product fault seriously to reduce the failure. From raw material to mature product, from design to manufacturer, from market research to sale-after service, Leader&Harvest abides by ISO9001 strictly and makes sure quality management system work in effect.

Operation personnel comply with related regulation, drawing, and standard seriously. They take strict control means for important and special work stage to make sure 100% qualification rate.

Fig 1:
Inspection object: raw material and components, transformer, bypass cabinet, electrolytic capacitor, rectifier
Inspection item: component character, outlook character and mechanism character
Fig2: Wave soldering and eye survey
Inspection object:power cell and circuit board of controller
Test item: electrical performance debugging and inspection, DC bus over /low voltage
Inspection object: power cell
Inspection item: idle load performance, DC bus over /low voltage, lack-phase, over heat of cell, output voltage of cell
Inspection object: power cell
Test item: full load test of cell
Inspection object: routine test of VFD
Test item: wire connecting, instructure, cable&wire, transformer, temperature-rise test
Inspection item: control circuit and main circuit
Inspection item: component installation, such as HMI, PLC, controller, UPS, switch, power cell, insulation resistor
Inspection object: cabinet inside and components
Inspection item: control power source, alarm, simulation value, measure voltage converter, over/low voltage protection of each cell, lack-phase and bypass test
Variable Frequency Drive
  • A VFD HARSVERT-A series VFD is a masterpiece of outstanding performance and high reliability, which is widely used for the energy-saving application of the normal motors of fans, pumps ...
  • VA VFD Input current harmonic: <3% (comply with standard IEEE519);
    Input power factor: >0.95(>20% load);
    Output current harmonic: <2.5%; output DC ...
  • FVS VFD PWM rectifier technology. Energy can flow bi-directionally between power grid and the motor;
    Vector control for synchronous motor;
    Strong start up with load in ...
  • FVA VFD Auto re-start after the recovery of main medium voltage;
    Fly-start at any rotating speed;
    Bypass the faulty power cell automatically( OPTIONAL FUNCTION) ...