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Application of Harsvert VFD in Zibo Cement Plant
Our plant began to use VFD in 2004 and it saved much cost for our plant. We use 8 sets of Harsvert VFD in Zibo Cement Plant reconstruction project. We make a statistic for the project effect. The data is in following table:

Field Motor power kW Motor power (before) kW Motor power (after) kW
1# circulating fan, line1 1000 790 661
2# circulating fan, line1 1000 774 681
High-temperature fan, line 1 2500 2221 1777
Mill fan, line 1 630 348 247
3# circulating fan, line2 1000 830 681
4# circulating fan, line2 1000 780 632
High-temperature fan, line 2 2500 2420 1866
Mill fan, line 2 630 388 257

Energy-saving Calculation:
Yearly work time: 11 months, month work time: 28 days. Total work time is 7392 hours.
For line 1:
Save power=(790-661)+(774-681)+(2221-1777)+(348-247)=767kW
Yearly save power=767×7392h=5669600kWh
Yearly save cost=5669600kWh×0.5yuan/kWh=2834800yuan (USD 416882).
In brief, the reliable performance and ideal power saving effect of medium voltage VFD have created tremendous economic benefits and social benefits for the company, so it is worthy to be recommended and applied in industry.

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